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Voted #1 Love Psychic Spiritualist Love & Relationship Expert!

What if you could learn how to transform your love life – even if there's no man/woman at all, or your love is pulling away and you feel alone, scared and angry... What if you knew how to change everything? I'll teach you simple shifts in your words and body language that help you connect to your lover, where it counts... their heart. *Results May Vary From Person To Person.

You are not alone! We all need help sometimes. Life can be difficult and complicated at times. Issues and challenges both emotionally, physically, and financially can put us in a tailspin.

As you may struggle to make the right decisions, uncover your true potential or find the happiness and peace your deserve. Its always good to know there are professional & spiritual people out there to help and guide you on your personal path!


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Psychic Readings

♥ Astrology Readings
♥ Horoscope Readings
♥ Tarot Card Readings
♥ Crystal Ball Readings
♥ Psychic Medium Readings

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☼ Energy Healing
☼ Aura Cleansing
☼ Energy Balancing
☼ Chakra Balancing
☼ Negativity Removal

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Spiritual Love Guide

♦ Love Analysis
♦ Family Counseling
♦ Marriage Counseling
♦ Relationship Repair
♦ Relationship Analysis

About Me

  • I am a 3rd generation psychic healer. The outstanding experiences of my global traveling along with life’s challenges led me to look more deeply within myself and into the spiritual realm. With every generation my family’s psychic intuitive abilities have become stronger, more refined and powerful. My work is done through meditation, prayer, Angels & Spirit Guides. It is my calling to help those around me struggling with issues concerning love, marriage, relationships, career, finances, health, and life’s direction.

  • I have helped clients from around the world, helping to guide them towards a better, happier and more meaningful life, both personally and professionally.My Clients hail from various walks of life – entrepreneurs, creative professionals, corporate employees, teachers, stay at home moms, lawyers, doctors, firemen, policemen & woman – of all ages, from 20-something to 75 year olds. With over 37 years of experience I have developed a large dedicated following.

  • Don’t Delay, Let The Healing Begin! Call Me Today 803-999-0988. See For Yourself Why I Have Such A Large Following.
    May peace and love follow you~Psychic Susan Lynch